Episode 141 - Jord Samolesky (Propagandhi)

Oct 26, 2017, 04:01 AM

JORD SAMOLESKY IS FINALLY ON THE SHOW! A very long time in the making, but it finally happened. Kick back and listen as Damian & Jord discuss how 2 kids from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba were able to change the landscape of Canadian Punk & influence a whole generation.

Also Touched On:

Getting into Metal, Mullets & Maiden

Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind Tour At 13

Meeting Chris & The Introduction To Celtic Frost & Venom

Records On Wheels & It's Importance

D.O.A. Gig On A Whim In Port Douglas & How It Changed Everything

Beach Mutants

MRR Record Reviews & Mail Order

Seeing The Doughboys & Government Issue

Moving To Winnipeg In 88'

Going To The Royal Albert Constantly

Summer Of 85' Seeing Corrosion Of Conformity (COC)

Independent Grassroots Culture vs. Everything Else

Stretch Marks Show At The Wellington Underage

BFGs Kicking Nazi Ass Across The Nation In The Early 90's

"I Remember" - MDC Politicizing Through Music

Home Health Care & The Introduction To Noam Chomsky

Book Tables At Shows In 95'

The Shift In Crowds Throughout the 90's

Chris' Has Always Been An INSANE Guitarist

The Dayglo's & The Northern Pikes - Canadian Institutions

Chris' Zine - Jord Gave S&M Airlines a 3/10

UK vs. Canadian Subhumans

Fat Wreck Chords & How It Happened

Recording How To Clean Everything

Opening For Jawbreaker In South Dakota

Bus Touring With NOFX In Europe

Homogenization Of Punk

Early Punk - Authentic In It's Urgency

& Much Much More....