Revisiting Ancient Teenaged Feelings About Weezer

Oct 30, 2017, 01:30 PM

For several generations of rock fans, Weezer's "Blue Album" and its follow-up, "Pinkerton", are foundational albums of adolescence. What is it about Rivers Cuomo's socially awkward anthems that connects with so many misfits? In the wake of a new Weezer album, "Pacific Daydream", Steve called up Vulture movie critic Emily Yoshida to discuss their mutual Weezer phases, and they wound up delving deep into the band's catalogue as well as the intensely emotional highs and lows of teenagerdom. Other topics include: the sorta-Weezer tribute band Ozma, the embarrassing video for "Beverly Hills," and the best Weezer songs to sing at karaoke. This episode, like that bottle of Steven's, is guaranteed to awaken ancient feelings.

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