Leeds United Next Up As Brentford Sink 'Ten Times Better' Birmingham City. Pre-Leeds match Podcast from the Pubs

Nov 02, 2017, 04:45 PM

With the Leeds game approaching - but with the Birmingham game also upon us - the Beesotted crew took to the road to record this episode - finding a number of drinking establishments in the West Midlands who would happily accommodate our portable studio.

And in true Birmingham style, these venues proved to be ten times better than ANY other venue we had ever been to.

"This Birmingham Team is Ten Times Better than the Brentford Team that reached the Playoffs". Harlee Dean's words were still echoing around the halls of St Andrews when Brentford came to town. And the Brentford fans let him know they had heard him loud and clear on the night.

Billy Grant picks up the roving microphone and is joined by assorted characters including Liberal Nick, Streetboy Tim, Jim Levack, The Ristic, Russty Bee, Gerry the Cabbie, Supes (out) and many many navy more and they recorded in an Egyptian bar in Birmingham, the back of a taxi and a punjabi pub/indian restaurant a short walk away from St Andrews as they discuss all sorts in the run up to the forthcoming Birmingham and Leeds matches.

Plus we talk to Bik Singh from Birmingham City Supporters Group Blues 4 All (@Blues4All) and Leeds fan Phil May.

On the menu this week:

0 m- INTRO 6m 22 sec - Brentford and Preston fans in the pub after the match 15m 0 sec - Bees fans’ reactions to the season so far from the back of a Birmingham taxi 20 m 25 sec - Beesotted crew talk Preston game 29 m 41 sec - Jim Levack talk about Brentford players acclimatising to the league, Liberal Nick discusses football players’ #Manners on social media plus we chat to Bik Singh - Birmingham fan and owner of the bar/restaurant we were drinking and eating in - about Birmingham city and his hopes for the match 43 m 01 sec - The walk to the ground. Beesotted crew discuss with Birmingham fans Bik and Colin about the three Brentford absconds - Jota, Dean and Colin - and Birmingham City fan’s comparative lack of patience with the players who fail to deliver 51 m 28 sec - Brentford and Birmingham fans on the streets and on the train after the match 57 m 32 sec - Beesotted crew reflect on the Birmingham match on the train after the match 1 hr 02 min 28 sec - Billy Grant talks to Leeds Fan Phil May about the Leeds match on Saturday 1 hr 12 min 32 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Leeds match 1 hr 15 min 43 sec - END

Check the fan terrace video for this match here - youtu.be/Mi6hbJUIS_4

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