PG124: (A Lot) About the GOP Tax Plan, Muller Indictments, Terrorism in NYC, and the Powell Nomination

Nov 04, 2017, 03:42 PM

In this week's extended episode Trey and Mike start off by discussing the GOP Tax Plan. They begin by analyzing the content of the plan. As to the policy itself, Trey is optimistic, but worried about the $1.5 trillion debt increase. Mike sees both positive and negative aspects to the bill, but overall sees the plan as problematic.

Then it's time to talk Mueller's indictments. Both Trey and Mike see this as the first step to a larger set of indictments and they agree that critics of the president ought to moderate their joy. It is unlikely that this will bring down the Trump presidency.

Next is a discussion of the Halloween ISIS terrorist attack in NYC. Trey stresses that we shouldn't allow terrorist groups to wield fear to change us. He argues that while terrorist organizations are good at spreading fear, they aren't as effective at carrying out plots as the media narrative would suggest.

Finally both Trey and Mike address Trump's nomination of "Jay" Powell to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve, breaking a recent precedent by former presidents.

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