Fame Is A Bitch With AJ Benza

Nov 06, 2017, 11:30 AM

Fame Is A Bitch With AJ Benza

AJ Benza is our guest today. Our jaws dropped throughout the entire interview listening to him talk about his early days at E!, the Reelz Channel, Old Hollywood vs Millennials, The Kardashians, New York, being a gossip columnist at The Daily News, Mickey Rourke, The Gossip Show, Mysteries and Scandals, his podcast Fame Is A Bitch, Howard Stern, AJ After Hours, High Stakes Poker, being a father, bathroom drama at his son’s school, coaching sports, Artie Lange, Harvey Weinstein, the film he produced So B. It, being a parent and so much more.

And yes, he names names and spills tons of secrets.

Also, a very jetlagged Amanda totally allowed herself to geek out for this interview and doesn’t care what you think about it. Oh, this whole episode is a trigger warning and IDGAF about what you think.

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