Episode #344: Baby Voldemort

Nov 06, 03:52 PM

- Pottermore continues to troll Andrew about Lavender Brown

- An adoption agency in Orlando is sorting dogs into Hogwarts Houses

- Evanna Lynch has launched her brand-new podcast - check it out!

- Main Discussion: Newt's Book Release Party in Fantastic Beasts 2

- Flourish and Blotts and Diagon Alley will feature in the next film

- What will 1920s Diagon Alley look like?

- The perfect excuse to bring the fearsome foursome back together

- Will Theseus make an appearance? Dumbledore? Credence?

- Is it just coincidence that we had another notable book release in the second Potter film?

- What's the deal with Obscurus Books? Is Newt a self-publisher?

- With the book release taking place in March 1927, the Dark Lord has now been born

- Emails, voicemails and text messages!

- Quizzitch returns Order of the Phoenix style!

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