I Dream of Joshi! (Episode 2)

Nov 06, 2017, 09:27 PM

I Dream of Joshi!

Join Joe Fortune (@relevantrasslin) from Relevant Rasslin Productions and ride the buzzwaves along with him as RRP takes a journey into Joshi Puroresu! Joe will be covering all the rumors, news and results from the world of Japanese women's wrestling. Stardom, Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girl and WAVE are just some of the promotions we will be featuring! If it's relevant and buzzworthy in the world of Joshi, we will cover it!

Episode 2:

In our second episode, Joe botches slighter fewer names than last time, but he covers all the news and results from 10/14-11/3!

-Current standings for the 2017 Stardom Tag League!

  • Updated card for Risa Sera's Last Death Match!

  • Huge update on which HUGE Johsi Legends will be appearing at the November 10th RISE event and the November 11-12th SHIMMER events!

-Manami Toyota's retirement show and farewell ceremony!

-A very controversial title change in OZ Academy!

-Who became a double tag champion for two different promotions in the same day?

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