What’s delaying Long March 5? Bob Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack.com

Nov 08, 05:19 AM



English: Long March 5 Y2 was transporting from assembly building to 101 launch site in Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Center

中文: 长征五号遥二火箭由海南文昌发射场总装大楼转移至101发射工位的过程中拍摄

Date 26 June 2017

Source Own work

Author 篁竹水声)



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What’s delaying Long March 5? Bob Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack.com

The new colonial movement: Though the details are vague, a Chinese official said earlier this week that they now expect to resume launches of their Long March 5 rocket in 2018.

The article says that the July launch failure of the second Long March 5 was due to “a manufacturing defect affecting one of two YF-77 engines powering the first stage. If officially confirmed, this would mean no major effects such as redesign are required, meaning a relatively swift return to flight.”

The long delay since July however suggests to me that the defect was more serious, and has either required that redesign or a complete recall of all YF-77 engines.


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