Who Are The Brentford Misfits? - The November International Break Podcast

Episode 340,  Nov 09, 2017, 06:55 AM

Unbeaten in 9 league matches and a 3-1 home win against Leeds, Brentford went into the international break bouncing off the walls. The Beesotted crew met in the George IV pub in Chiswich High Road to discuss Brentford’s unbeaten record plus loads more.

In the pub:

Billy Grant Dave Lane Matt The Allard Allard Jimmy Mac

On the show tonight they discussed Yoann Barbet’s sizest spat with Saiz which went viral on twitter - when he measured his hight against the Leeds striker after the player gave him a wee dig. Off the back of that, we asked if any Bees had tried to take the p!ss out of someone and it seriously backfired on them.

We discussed the Leeds match and whether these Dean Smith winning and not winning runs are natural - or does every team have them?

We talked about The Birmingham Three (Jota, Colin and Dean) and asked whether it is now a given that some players fit in certain teams but are completely the wrong fit for other teams. We spoke to James Marriott for Sheffield Wednesday podcast the Wednesday Week who told us of a couple of players who were outcasts in their former teams but fitted in like a glove for Wednesday. Whereas one other was brilliant for his team but couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo for Wednesday.

We also discussed players who were complete misfits for Brentford - and asked our listeners to throw in their input. We will be creating a Sherpa Van Trophy Brentford misfit player competition over the next few days so look out for it on Beesotted twitter (www.twitter.com/beesotted) and vote.

We also discussed Brentford’s Boxing Day fixture move from 2pm to 7.30pm for the Sky cameras which has caused a huge reaction from a section of Brentford fans who are unable to now go to the match - feeling that Boxing Day evening should be a no-go zone for football matches with it being designated as ‘family time’.

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0 min. Intro inc what p!sstake backfired badly on you 15 min 55 sec - Fans in the pub after the Leeds match 21 min 57 sec - Beesotted crew talk Leeds match. Dean Smith’s good and bad runs, will Ryan Woods be the next one out the door? Were Brentford really that good with three excellent chances also missed in the game? 50 min 26 sec - We discuss The Birmingham Three (Jota, Dean, Colin). Is it a fact that some players are great playing for certain teams but then bomb playing in other team set-ups for various reasons. And shouldn’t agents be more aware of the possible consequences when they prise players away from teams that their players are thriving in when they suggest new teams for them? Plus we discuss Brentford #Misfits . Players who came to Brentford and just didn’t fit in. 1 hr 01 min 54 sec - James Marriott from Sheffield Wednesday Podcast “The Wednesday Week” gives us his view on Wednesday players who have historically not done as well as expected at whatever club they were (or are) at 1 hr 17 mins 0 sec - Beesotted crew talk about the recent Brentford v Aston Villa match moved from 2pm to 7.30pm on Boxing Day and the uproar it has caused amongst a section of Brentford fans. Should the football authorities be black-listing certain time slots to ensure that TV matches do not take place at these times? 1 hr 42 min 0 sec - END

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