#1145 A government small enough to get inside your body (Reproductive Justice)

Nov 11, 2017, 11:00 PM

Air Date: 11/11/2017 Today we look at the many ways conservatives across the country are systematically chipping away at the rights of all people who require access to any kind of reproductive health services Be part of the show! Leave a message at 202-999-3991 Join the Best of the Left Social Network! Donate or become a Member to support the show!  Visit: https://www.patreon.com/BestOfTheLeft  Show Notes Ch. 1: Opening Theme: A Fond Farewell - From a Basement On the Hill Ch. 2: Act 1: The State Legislator Will See You Now - On The Media - Air Date 8-4-17 Ch. 3: Song 1:  Farmscrapers - Dad Rocks! Ch. 4: Act 2: Texas fails to address skyrocketing rate of pregnancy-related deaths - Savage Love w: @FakeDanSavage - Air Date 6-6-17 Ch. 5: Song 2:  Long and Low Cloud - The Bulwark Ch. 6: Act 3: 20-Week Abortion Ban Bill Treats Abortion as an Issue of Criminality, not Health Care - @TheRealNews - Air Date 10-6-17 Ch. 7: Song 3:  Shift of Currents - Aeronaut Ch. 8: Act 4: Taking aim at reproductive rights in all forms - @offkiltershow - Air Date 10-13-17 Ch. 9: Song 4:  The Summit - K2 Ch. 10: Act 5: Keep Birth Control Copay Free #HandsOffMyBC via @Women_EqualityC - Best of the Left Activism Ch. 11: Song 5:  Homegrown - The Pine Barrens Ch. 12: Act 6: Why you can't have economic justice without reproductive justice - The Breach - Air Date 8-8-17 Voicemails Ch. 13: Bringing a gun into the home makes the owner less safe - Nick from California Ch. 14: The party structures are a fundamental problem - Erica from Massachusetts Ch. 15: What Sanders supporters are really emotional about - Greg from Baldwin Park, California Voicemail Music: Loud Pipes - Classics Ch. 16: Final comments on the show’s new sunshine policy and a clarification on the Democrats celebrity crushes Closing Music: Here We Are - Everyone's in Everyone (Additional music from Blue Dot Sessions & and Free Music Archive)  Activism: TAKE ACTION Take multiple actions with the Keep Birth Control Copay Free campaign:  Send Trump an invoice for your birth control costs  Write to the Department of Health and Human Services to defend free birth control Get the Toolkit to speak up at Town Halls and put pressure on Congress Share infographics to educate on birth control & share the campaign video Join the conversation with #HandsOffMyBC via Women's Equality Center  EDUCATE YOURSELF Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth Control Mandate (New York Times) The Economy Can’t Grow Without Birth Control (New York Times Op-Ed) Notre Dame Will No Longer Provide Free Birth Control (The Cut) Trump Be Damned: States Are Fighting to Make Birth Control Over-the-Counter (Finally) (Mother Jones) California Suing Trump Administration Over Rollback Of Birth Control Rule (Huffington Post) A.G. Schneiderman Sues To Protect New Yorkers' Access To Birth Control (NY.gov) Not religious freedom, but the freedom to hate women (The Griffin) Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman Produced by Jay! Tomlinson Thanks for listening! Visit us at BestOfTheLeft.com Support the show via Patreon Check out the BotL iOS/Android App in the App Stores! Follow at Twitter.com/BestOfTheLeft Like at Facebook.com/BestOfTheLeft Contact me directly at Jay@BestOfTheLeft.com Review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!