Zhuang Zhuang in Australia's Kindergarten - 小壮壮“三进三出”澳洲幼儿园

Nov 12, 2017, 07:23 PM

The first day to kindergarten it is such an exhausting day for many kids and their parents. So what can the parents plan for that day? Zhuang Zhuangs father Mr. Pang is a STEM COURSE teacher, he use his own professional expertise to help Zhuang Zhuang smoothly and happily into kindergarten. - 小宝宝第一天上幼儿园往往会因为突然离开父母、环境陌生而哭闹。而还没有完全适应英文环境的华人小朋友,他们的这段心理适应期可能还会相对更长。