'In Conversation' with Major Tom Lee, BFBS Germany, circa 1983.

Nov 12, 2017, 10:08 PM

This was an episode in a weekly series from various members of the broadcasting team on the British Forces Broadcasting Germany in the mid-late '80s (and possibly later!). In this case it was recorded at the studios in West Berlin and I recently found the cassette recording in my 'archive' - annoyingly, I don't have the date of broadcast. It was fascinating to get 'the story behind the person': in this case of some World War II adventures, then part of the de-colonisation of the British Empire and, in civvy life, leading the British Scouts in western Europe, via a manager's job at Lever Brothers! We didn't routinely have photos of our guests, so this is me pictured at about the time of the recording, doing the 'day job' in the main Berlin studio