20 months ago: when HRC was POTUS in waiting: "When Women Win." Ellen R. Malcolm & Craig Unger @emilyslist

Nov 13, 01:00 AM


(Photo: Suffragist with banner, Washington DC, 1918)




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20 months ago: when HRC was POTUS in waiting: "When Women Win." Ellen R. Malcolm & Craig Unger @emilyslist


When Women Win: EMILY's List and the Rise of Women in American Politics by Ellen R. Malcolm and Craig Unger.

"Malcolm, the founder of EMILY’s List, delivers a lively, fast-paced history of the influential political action committee that helps elect pro-choice, Democratic women. Drawing on interviews with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and others, she highlights the organization’s impact on elections over the past 30 years, most notably by giving selected candidates donations early in their campaigns (EMILY is an acronym for “early money is like yeast”). The book covers EMILY’s List’s evolution, since its 1985 founding, from a fund-raising organization to a “multi-pronged, full-service political operation” with three million members that has helped elect 110 Democratic women to the House and 19 to the Senate, including Warren. Malcolm also emphasizes the dramatic effect of Anita Hill’s testimony on the female electorate and the importance of women voters to the Democratic Party. The book shows that EMILY’s List’s biggest contribution may be to make women in Congress seem so familiar that voters are now far more likely to judge women on their records and character than on their gender."—Publishers Weekly


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