Nov 13, 2017, 01:43 PM

It’s #November so Zeff talks Veterans’ Day, #IceHockey, and #Halloween.

First up, this show’s Talking American is an officer, and a lady, who tells us about going to West Point and doing her stint in the US Army. Then it’s off to #Maryland to meet a husband and wife who make and sell furniture made from old ice hockey sticks. And on his e-mail, Zeff has some thoughts about where all the uneaten chocolate goes…..

As always, great American music

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“The Man”The Killers “I Get’s My Boogie On”T Bird and the Breaks “Dreamers”K. Flay “Dangle, Snipe and Celly”Sammy Ob “I Don’t Wanna Be a New York Ranger”The Hextalls “Don’t Sweat the Tecnique”Eric B and Rakim