Episode #345: Harry Potter, I Choose You!

Nov 15, 02:23 PM

- Welcome Slug Club member Nicki

- PO Box Update: some Halloween and British surprises!

- A Pokemon GO style Harry Potter game is in the works from Niantic!

- Our initial thoughts on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Portkey Games

- What does the title suggest? Will it focus on Fantastic Beasts at all or only Harry Potter?

- What other Potter video games would we like to see? -

Which old classics do we want remade?

- Our Main Discussion focuses on the brand-new Fantastic Beasts Illustrated Edition

- The foreword answers that question we had about Obscurus Books

- We get educated on the history of what defines a beast and how they're concealed from Muggles

- Is it coincidence that Newt includes the story of a jarvey in the introduction?

- Which beasts caught our attention? Which ones would we like to see in Fantastic Beasts 2?

- We run through some interesting notes Micah took while reading the book

- Getting high on billywigs, erumpent mating habits, killer bowtruckles and more

- We asked our patrons what dream features they'd like from this new Harry Potter app?

- Emails, voicemails and text messages

- Quizzitch Question of the Week has a Half-Blood twist!

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