Work is Good

Nov 17, 2017, 05:51 AM

Work is good! Don't fight it, but instead use it!

In this episode we talk about aligning a passion with your profession and really expanded on the opportunity that we have living in the time that we live in.

Outline 1: Work is good - Don't work so you don't have to work anymore. Humans are built to create and to be productive. If we don't do either of these then we speed up our path to the grave. 2: Align a passion with your profession - Even if you have to other responsibilities take time to maneuver into a passion. This will mitigate the sting of work, which increase your productivity and thus your contribution to the world. 3: Utilize the Learn-Branch-Learn strategy - When searching for a passion/mastery take something you like and learn about it. Then branch off and learn about 1 of the many branches and continue that pattern until you find what you are most passionate about, and then master that thing.

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Thank you and we wish you the discipline to manage yourself this week!

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