The Great Launch Race. Bob Zimmerman

Nov 18, 2017, 12:57 AM

11-17-2017 (Photo: Buck Rogers ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

The Great Launch Race. Bob Zimmerman

China’s Long March 4C rocket successfully placed two satellites in orbit today, a weather satellite and a commercial data relay satellite.

This was China’s 11th launch in 2017, well below the 20 they achieved in 2016, the drop caused by two launch failures earlier this year that resulted in an almost four month pause in launches.

At present the race for the most launches in 2017 stands as follows:

17 Russia 16 SpaceX 11 China 10 Arianespace (Europe) 7 ULA 5 Japan 4 India 3 Orbital ATK

Overall, the United States leads with 26 launches, its most since 2000.