Karen O'Reilly on how Brits in Spain think negotiations are progressing

Nov 21, 2017, 09:27 PM

One of the key issues in the Brexit negotiations – and one of the three highly contested matters to be put on the table this far – has been citizens rights.

But all too often, both the media and politicians talk predominantly about EU citizens living in the UK while completely sidelining the fate of Brits living abroad.

For today’s podcast we brought on Karen O’Reilly, a Sociologist and research dellow at Goldsmiths University to shed some light on the forgotten side of this coin. She is part of the Brexpats project which examines the issues of freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the lives of Britons resident in the European Union.

We already talked to Karen’s colleague Michaela for episode 89 back in July about the initial response of Brits in France. We thought it was time to check in with the project and talk to Karen in the wake of her field trip to Spain about how expats are feeling about the state of the negotiations this far, how they have progressed and what, to them, would be the ideal outcome.