Blind Date or Tinder? - The pre-QPR v Brentford Podcast From The Pub

Nov 23, 2017, 06:50 AM

A disappointing week for the Bees as they recorded only one point in six - losing 2-0 away to Cardiff and drawing 1-1 ah home to Burton.

The Beesotted crew gathered in The Cross Keys Pub in Black Lion Lane, Stamford Brook to discuss all manner of stuff from tagging players into social media conversations to Maupay’s miss. The Beesotted Crew’s near misses. After Burton’s parking of the bus they discussed all minor of obscure parking activity at football matches. We also discussed the film documenting Emiliano Marcondes joining Brentford ( - after the Bees fended off Brondby for his autograph. We chat to Paul Finney of the QPR Podcast about all things QPR. Plus we even interviewed a couple in the pub on their first tinder date.

0 min - Intro 17 m 50 sec - Fans in the pub after the Cardiff and Burton matches 27 m 45 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Burton match & Cardiff match plus talk about things you though were in the bag but you actually missed out on. After Maypay’s miss we discussed the pros and cons of tagging the player into a conversation about him after Moose from Talksport did that very thing 58 m 25 sec - Emiliano Marcondes Documentary ( showing the cogs in the week of the players’ recent move to Brent 1 hr 14 m 47 sec - Tinder couple’s thoughts on Brentford 1 h 18 min 0 sec - Paul Finney (@PaulFinney1969) from QPR Podcast (@QPRPod) gives us the lowdown on QPR 1h 32 m 31 sec- Beesotted crew chat QPR 1 h 42 min 47 sec - END

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