Kudlow 11-25-17; Outlook for Taxes, Fed, Stocks & more, Tax Bill Update, & Bruce Bartlett ("The Truth Matters")

Nov 25, 2017, 06:16 PM

Art Laffer's outlook for taxes, Fed, rates, econ, stocks.

Steve Moore on Soros' $18b tax dodge.

Tax bill update: key points:corp rate & implementation/retroactive; small biz pass-through treatment/Johnson; ACA mandate repeal; SALT; corp interest deduction; back-door capital gains hike. Alabama certifies Dec 26.

Much to be grateful on economy; cap-ex rising; share buybacks falling; 3.4% RGDP.

Proper poll weighting R's & D's show different results, esp. taxes.

Bruce Bartlett : "The Truth Matters"---- killing fake news.

Stocks soaring. Fed rate hike Dec;what about 2018? Kill off tax cuts w/ Phillips Curve? Black Friday? Consumers decent shape, what about retail stocks? Trump effect?