Inside Daily News Digest

Nov 29, 2017, 07:05 PM

Police in Tampa, Florida, have arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with the shooting deaths of four people. Local police chief Brian Dugan said officers are preparing documents to charge Howell Emanuel Donaldson III with four counts of first-degree murder. The four victims were killed in apparent random attacks while walking alone at night. The suspect was arrested after he asked a worker at a McDonald’s restaurant to hold his loaded 9mm handgun for him. The restaurant’s staff notified a police officer who was doing paperwork at the premises at the time, and the officer called for reinforcements to make the arrest. – CNN

Robots could take over up to 70 million U.S. jobs by 2030, but the rise of automation is unlikely to fuel unemployment, according to a study. The McKinsey Global Institute said that between 16 million and 54 million U.S. workers could be retrained to do similar jobs to the ones that will soon be done by robots. The new jobs would be created by the automation industry itself, while additional jobs would come from the infrastructure and healthcare sectors. "The dire predictions that robots are going to take our jobs are overstated," says Susan Lund, the group’s director of research. "There will be enough jobs for everyone in most sectors." – USAT

A Saudi prince detained in a corruption crackdown has been released after striking a $1 billion deal with a prosecutor. Prince Miteb bin Abdullah is the son of the late King Abdullah, and one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom. He was one of the 200 powerful figures – including princes, businessmen and military officials – arrested after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched a sweeping anti-corruption probe on Nov. 4. A government official speaking on condition of anonymity said three other suspects have also reached settlements with the prosecutor’s office, but at least five other suspects will be prosecuted. Earlier this month, officials said that settlements could allow the government to recover up to $100 billion in funds that were illegally obtained by the suspects. – BLOOMBERG

NBC has fired "Today" show host Matt Lauer over accusations of sexual misconduct. In a memo to staff, NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said that Lauer's dismissal stems from one reported incident, but there was no "reason to believe" that it was an isolated event. Lauer has yet to make a public statement regarding the accusations. Last year, NBC extended Lauer’s contract through 2018 for a reported $20 million a year. Lauer had been the anchor of the "Today" show since 1997. This story is developing. – NBC

A federal judge has ruled that President Trump had the authority to appoint Mick Mulvaney as the interim head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The ruling resolves a stalemate between Mulvaney and Leandra English, who was appointed to the position by outgoing CFPB head Richard Cordray. English had asked the judge to issue a restraining order barring Mulvaney from taking on the role. The ruling allows Mulvaney, who also heads the Office of Management and Budget, to lead the CFPB until lawmakers appoint a permanent director. – HILL

A German restaurant owner has been accused of using a radioactive isotope to mark playing cards. Police got track of the scheme after radioactive substances were found in a routine inspection of a garbage truck. By tracing the truck’s route, officers found the restaurant that the 41-year-old suspect owns. They raided the premises and found 13 playing cards laced with iodine-125, a radioactive substance that can be identified with a detector. German police said the suspect might have been involved in a scheme to rig card games. Iodine-125 is commonly used in nuclear medicine imaging and radiation therapy. – AP

NPR chief news editor David Sweeney has resigned amid allegations that he sexually harassed female colleagues. Sweeney’s departure was announced in an email sent to staff by Chris Turpin, acting senior vice president o...