(Reload) James Kirkham, Head of Copa90

Nov 30, 2017, 12:00 PM

This is a revisit to one of my favourite podcasts recorded near the start of this audio journey. Originally recorded in October last year thus before the purchase of 15% of the business by Turner International, owners of Bleacher Report.

More recently I hosted a panel session at Soccerex 2017 that included James (one you can find on this podcast) talking about media disruption. They're doing an amazing job and now include the likes of adidas, Pepsi and Beats By Dre.

My chat with James managed to cover a multitude of areas including; - Our shared education at Wolverhampton Uni (96-99) - His background in art - Starting a business in the dotcom crash with Holler - His work there and eventually selling it to Leo Burnett - Taking on a new challenge with the world's biggest football video network - Developing new revenue streams, and the brand globally - and much more

You can find James on @spooneybear and on LinkedIn

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