2017 NFL NY Giants w/Tom McAlister - Eli Benched

Nov 29, 2017, 11:31 PM

So much for the regular Week 13 conversation.

We have been talking about Eli's fortunes on this pod all season long. However the manner of the benching is eye-raising to say the least.

With Giants personnel making it plain the benching was not to look towards the future, but rather a clear laying of blame for the offenses struggles at the feet of the QB who is playing with 3rd and 4th string receivers versus the coaching staff or front office.

This move screams politics versus football.

You want to hear the answers? You came to the right place.

SportsTalkLines' senior Giants analyst Tom McAlister has the team knowledge, insight and observational skill set to bring all of the 2017 NFL Season together for you right here.

Robust, straight to the point and with no holds barred host Steven Van Over puts forth the hard questions and gets straight answers from Tom McAlister who is not afraid to share the wealth.

Sports Talk Line w/ Tom McAlister, Steven Van Over

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