#41 - Decolonize Your Beauty, Decolonize Your Diet

Dec 02, 2017, 03:57 AM

On this episode, the #educatedpeleoneras catch up on Melinna’s recent travels to Lebanon and Brenda’s time at #Podcasteriofest, the first all-Latinx podcast festival. Listen to hear how Melinna’s Mid-East travels inspire a discussion on post-colonial standards of beauty and breaking down Euro-centric phenotypes (features.) Brenda & Melinna talk about a specific facial feature and why they embrace and honor it, with a nod to the Moorish roots. Next, Melinna and Brenda spend time with Jocelyn Ramirez the founder of Todo Verde -a mobile space inspired by Latin American flavors that provides affordable plant-based dishes.These ladies talk everything from the concept of #decolonizeyourdiet to national embarrassment La Gracia, the gentrified "fruteria" proposed through a terribly tone-deaf kickstarter video. Check out: https://wearemitu.com/tag/la-gracia/ for some laughs and great analysis. #Subscribe to #TamarindoPodcast now! #Latinxcreate #Latinas #SupportBrownPodcasts and get in touch always at tamarindopodcast.com