Sin Messed Up the Perfect Gift, but God Had a Plan

Dec 03, 2017, 08:24 PM

As we enter the gift-giving season, we ask: Did you ever make a gift for somebody by hand--create a masterpiece that you were excited to give? God did.

Genesis 2 and 3

How do you feel when you give somebody a handmade gift? What if that person called it ugly and tossed it aside? Do we do that to God sometimes?

What is expected of us in the care of creation? Is it sinful not to do that?

If the man was in the garden with God, why did God say it wasn't good for the man to be alone? What was different about life in the Garden versus living today? Why didn't they freak out over the talking snake?

How did Satan convince them to eat the forbidden fruit? Why did they hide? Could they hide? Why did God ask where they were? Who did they blame?

Physical death wasn't part of the original plan. Neither was guilt, fear, regret. The things God has in store for us in Heaven is everything God wanted for us all along.

God unveils His plan to rescue us from our sin immediately after sin become apparent.

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