Season 1.5 Episode 4: 28 Years (Bennett Siblings)

Dec 04, 2017, 10:00 AM

Season 1.5, Episode 4: wraps up our four-part series on the disappearance of Monica and Michael Bennett, who went missing in Brunswick, GA on the evening of June 21st, 1989. We speak to the siblings’ sister, a criminology professor and student who looked into the case, and reflect on the current status of the case. We’ll finish out the season next week with a longer Q&A episode, which will also include updates on the Millbrook twins and an interview with J Ryan Green, private investigator and host of Gone at 21. Find Lawrence Earle Johnson’s books, Death Sine and Quantum Fear, on Amazon: Contact us: @falllinepodcast on Twitter, email us at Submit them via the thread on the FB group discussion thread, or call the voiceline at (404) 590-2975. Music by RJR. Mixed and mastered by Encompass Podcast Studio: Support the show on Patreon at, by leaving a positive review on Apple Podcasts, and/or through supporting our sponsors for the episode!

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