Episode #347: Christmas Comes To Hogwarts

Dec 04, 04:05 PM

- Andrew and Eric's trivia night adventures continue!

- There's an odd mistake in the Bloomsbury House Editions pulled from a fake JKR tweet!

- We react to David Yates' defense of casting Johnny Depp

- Could Colin Farrell have been recast as Grindelwald?

- Is Johnny Depp influencing our perspective of Grindelwald? Souring our expectations of his story?

- One listener thinks it's simple... TRUST IN JO!

- Eric and Andrew chat with Michael Aiello, Sr. Director of Creative Development at Universal Orlando Resort about Christmas at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

- Emails tackle Queenie's potential allegiance with Grindelwald

- Text messages: metaphorical beasts, the Elder Wand's allegiance and Jacob's brute force

- Quizzitch returns!

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