r/crazyideas, the upcoming hit 'Hamiltoe', and milk with extra pulp

Dec 04, 2017, 06:44 PM

Milk with extra pulp. Porn parodies of documentaries. An airhorn designed to look exactly like a Febreze can so that you know when visitors poop. Are these crazy ideas, or are they just awesome ideas? In this week's episode we discuss this vaguely philosophical idea as we read some of our favorite posts from r/crazyideas. Plus, we move into u/myfreeday's new garage, u/itsyerdad and u/dogboobes pod barbershop quartet style, and we briefly discuss whether or not our sweet boy and biggest fan Casey LeDoot is going to murder old people in Arizona. Hint - he's not. #preemtivelyfreehoefauxsho. This episode brought to you by the MeUndies's new line of codpieces and trueswords.com