Trump is a global bull market. @Larry_Kudlow

Dec 06, 2017, 04:20 AM

12-05-2017 (Photo: Baldwin Hotel, Market and 5th, San Francisco (1880)) Twitter: @BatchelorShow

Trump is a global bull market. @Larry_Kudlow

Listed companies are at their most profitable on record after a bumper year of earnings growth across global equity markets.

The earnings-per-share of a FactSet index of over 20,000 listed companies from around the world has now reached an average of $9.69, increasing nearly 19% in the last year.

That is the fastest year-over-year rise since 2011, surpassing the late-2014 high of $9.55. While the FactSet data only stretch back to 2001, increased earnings in emerging markets like China, among other factors, mean that the per-share level has likely never been higher.