"Twenty percent rate is not a twenty-two percent rate..." @Veroderugy @Mercatus

Dec 06, 04:44 AM


(Photo: Frank A. Jagger loads his boat full of lumber at the Albany Lumber District in Albany, New York in the 1870s)



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"Twenty percent rate is not a twenty-two percent rate..." @Veroderugy @Mercatus

For a president who claims to be such a great negotiator, this move is surprising. It is especially surprising since he has managed to get both the House and the Senate to comply with his demand to produce and pass a version that would cut the rate to 20 percent. Trump’s sudden reversal on this issue means that, while he promises that “something beautiful will come out of that mixer,” he is actually making it much harder to get something out of that mixer at all. Make no mistake: The 20 percent rate for the corporate tax is not only a line that neither the House nor the Senate was willing to cross because they had committed to it in the Big Six Framework, but it has also been the glue that has been holding the tax-reform movement together. The truth is that every side of the coalition has been willing to swallow some aspect of the bills they didn’t like because ultimately we each had our eyes on the 20 percent corporate tax rate. Start back-pedaling on that number and you may find it hard to get the whole thing to the finish line.

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