Federal retaliations of the Seventh Grade. @FRoseDC

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Federal retaliations of the Seventh Grade. @FRoseDC

IG investigations under the Presidential Policy Directive-19 appear to be extremely rare.

From 2013 to 2017, only three case were confirmed under PPD-19 among the 239 cases the IG “substantiated” across all the military services and civilian Defense Department employees, according to the IG’s semi-annual report.

Several IG investigators personally met with Lovinger for four and a half hours Oct. 5, examining the charges of how Baker retaliated against the analyst, according to Bigley. The original meeting was expected to last no more than three hours.

The IG office is formally attempting to determine if they need to intervene in the Baker case, according to a source with direct knowledge of the investigation. Fine’s office customarily does not provide any public information about the pace of IG investigations.

The first inkling of retaliation against Lovinger came Jan. 12, 2017, when Baker suddenly issued a series of charges against him. This was the same day that the National Security Council officially invited Lovinger to leave ONA and join the NSC as a senior director.

Lovinger entered the Trump White House on Inauguration Day, but was dogged by Baker.

After Baker issued his latest set of allegations against Lovinger, the Washington Headquarters Services, a bureaucratic arm of the Pentagon, temporarily suspended Lovinger’s security clearance May 1 and removed him from his NSC post. Lovinger now works at a Defense Department annex where he currently is doing clerical work.

Baker dropped charges in two of the three of his initial investigations after they were challenged by Thomas Spencer, Lovinger’s first attorney.

Bigley said the allegations against his client are “demonstrably false” and called Baker “partisan and highly vindictive” in an interview with TheDCNF.

Baker has leveled four separate charges against Lovinger. The counts include an “unauthorized” trip to Israel, taking home unclassified academic papers to read, reading a classified document in an airplane, and having “unauthorized” contacts with the Indian government.

Baker’s accusation that the trip to Israel was “unauthorized” particularly rankles Lovinger.

Prior to the trip, Lovinger told TheDCNF that he notified ONA of an expected personal trip to Israel to commemorate his oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah. The Lovinger family traveled with their close family friends, the Wiesel’s, whose patriarch, Elisha, is the son of legendary Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Eli Wiesel.


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