r/fiveyearsagoonreddit is an AI time machine, u/myfreeday watches too much NatGeo, and u/dogboobes TBD porn directing career.

Dec 11, 2017, 09:17 PM

AI operated subreddits are a special breed on Reddit. Without human intervention, we lurkers can see clearly that people are the dumbest, and we all continue to make the same strange mistakes over and over again. This is particularly apparent on r/fiveyearsagoonreddit and r/tenyearsagoonreddit, where you can simply see what kind of posts were happening at that exact time five and ten years ago respectively. Instead of what you might think would happen, where you just relive your favorite memes from ten-ish years ago, you see things like how the iPhone's inception warped human behavior, how we still haven't solved the Net Neutrality thing yet, and that GdubyaBush was a pretty terrible president. This episode brought to you by truetimemachines.com