350th Podcast Celebration - Pre-Barnsley Podcast from the Pub

Dec 14, 2017, 06:50 AM

It’s Beesotted’s 350th podcast and they’re having a party in the Cross Keys Pub in Stamford brook. And it’s a real shame they Beesotted crew were not able to celebrate the night with a win against Hull at the weekend but they managed by the end of the show to put behind them a fairly catastrophic afternoon where, after going 1-0 up, they threw away the lead to lose 3-1.

And on the show tonight, they discussed their best moments of the 350 podcasts so far. They looked back to the Hull match and their cheese-ladened journey home. They discussed the idea of a Brentford FC heritage trail. On reminiscing about Christmas, they discussed further the Boxing Day game against Villa - moved to 7.30pm for TV. Plus they spoke to Barnsley fan Carlo and asked him how he thought #TeamsLikeBrentford would do against #TeamsLikeBarnsley

In the pub:

Billy Grant Dave Lane Martin The Dutchman Holland Savvy Bee

0 min - Start 18 m 13 sec - Hull and Brentford fans in the pub post-match 23 m 54 sec - Beesotted crew chat Hull match 44 m 55 sec - The Brentford Heritage Trail - Beesotted crew discuss the idea of a trail commemorating the important landmarks in Brentford - relating to Brentford FC 54 m 20 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Aston Villa match on Boxing Day 1 hr 11 min 53 sec - Carlo from Red All Over Barnsley Podcast 1 hr 26 min 31 sec - Beesotted crew chat Barnsley 1 hr 36 min 55 sec - END