Lia Huber NOURISHED: A Memoir of Food, Faith & Enduring Love (with Recipes)

Dec 16, 2017, 12:52 AM

Using the growth of a tomato plant as a metaphor for her personal growth, NOURISHED is divided into four parts: Seeds, Roots, Starts, and Fruit. In her early years, Huber was a self-confessed “meat and potatoes girl,” fighting with her body and on a perpetual low-fat diet. But as she pushed the limits of life and was thrown challenging curveballs with regards to her health, she eventually found an ally in wholesome, real food. “For me, food went from something I didn’t think about to becoming a pivotal part of my life,” Huber says. “It was what brought me joy. It was how I healed my body when doctors couldn’t. It was how I related to people and gained deeper insight into my life’s purpose and the way I serve the world.”

In the course of her story, Huber realizes that when she’s deliberate about what she eats, it nurtures all parts of her being—body, soul, and spirit. “Food is so much more than just something we put in our mouths or use to fuel our bodies,” Huber writes. It’s a blend of memories, emotions, feelings, needs. There’s a soul to food, isn’t there? Fragrances and flavors intermingle with our life experiences to become wondrously satisfying in ways that stretch far beyond the plate.” Wholesome, real food is what ultimately saved Lia, and why she’s made the choice to nourish others with her story.