Storm clouds to worry about in 2018. @GeneMarks @Batchelorshow @SmallBusinessAmerica

Dec 26, 2017, 06:01 PM


(Photo: English: Stormy weather over Bagworth Road. It started to hail a few minutes later 1201948 Date 8 March 2009 Source From Author Mat Fascione Camera location 52° 38′ 58.69″ N, 1° 20′ 30.85″ W Heading=0° Kartographer map based on OpenStreetMap.)

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Storm clouds to worry about in 2018. @GeneMarks @Batchelorshow @SmallBusinessAmerica @WashingtonPost

"...Finally, there’s tight labor. Workers have dropped out of the workforce at an alarming rate over the past decade, immigrants who fill lower-wage jobs may be restricted entry into our country and those workers who are left are in short supply. A rising tide of increasing minimum wage, demands for more paid time off and better health insurance (see above) and more discrimination and harassment accusations have forced many companies to invest in technologies to automate processes and eliminate people. Can small companies keep up with this trend?

There are always challenges and despite the ones I list above, Sullivan remains confident in his small businesses, mainly because he believes that small businesses are feeling better able to navigate their companies on their own.

“It’s the wind at the back optimism,” he says. “There is this growing delta between the confidence that small business owners have in what they can control and know, and what is outside of that control.”

That’s good news because the more control we have over out destinies, the better we’ll able to determine those destinies. In the meantime, I can’t help but remember what my dad always told me when he was alive. “Son,” he would say. “Things are never as good as they seem.” It’s not a rosy point of view. But it’s certainly the right one nowadays."