ClusterTruck Interview

Dec 27, 2017, 10:26 PM

ClusterTruck is rolling into Kansas City with 11 virtual food trucks. That's right, virtual food trucks. The Indianapolis-based food delivery company that launched in 2015 offers more than 100 menu items, which are cooked in a kitchen designed for delivery. Its backbone is software that allows it to know when a driver has accepted an order, which cues food prep to begin. It seamlessly handles group orders with disparate items because its kitchen is organized by stations. So if a group order comes in for a burger, salad and pad Thai, the salad maker will be notified last, because it's the fastest to make. The process is designed to ensure that food won't arrive soggy or cold, and it will never sit under a heat lamp. "Having come from a deep technology background, we approached the growing problem of unsatisfied food delivery customers from a software perspective," ClusterTruck Inc. CEO Chris Baggott, who co-founded tech giants ExactTarget and Compendium Software, said in a release. "We believe hungry people should never have to choose between the convenience of fast delivery, the food quality they'd get at a sit-down restaurant and the personality of street food, so we created a service that offers all of the above." Here's a look at ClusterTruck's operations in Columbus, Ohio, just before it opened in October: clustertruck set to open in Columbus on Thursday. h Indianapolis-based food delivery company Clustertruck is launching in Columbus on Thursday. It operates in a 2,000-square-foot kitchen downtown at Long Street and Grant Avenue, where its team will cook up more than 100 menu items daily. To place an order, customers can visit ClusterTruck's website or use its app, which also shows the delivery progress. There's no delivery fee, but customers are required to meet the delivery driver at the curb. The average order takes 21 minutes from order to curbside pickup. ClusterTruck is NOW in Kansas City! It also operates in Bloomington, Ind.; Cleveland; Columbus; Denver; and Indianapolis.