DraftKings Golf Strategy: Research, Stats, Tournament Selection, Tips and Tricks

Jan 01, 2018, 11:05 AM

Video Version: https://goo.gl/fdk9HR

Pat Mayo, Ben Rasa, and Jeff Bergerson walk you through their DraftKings golf strategies. The guys discuss research methods, stats, tournament selection, and the best industry tools to utilize to give yourself the biggest head start on the competition. They debate the influence of course history against recent form, the impact of grass types, and how much to weight the weather, and how to use it to your advantage. Plus, their tips and tricks on where to find value week-to-week, including using recently bias to get low ownership and researching lesser known European players.


1:25 Where to Start Research 

5:05 Course History vs Recent Form 

6:57 Understanding the Field & Cut Rules 

9:38 Ball Striking vs Putting 

15:17 Strokes Gained: Around-The-Green 

16:04 Weekend DraftKings Golf 

22:11 Stats That Matter: DK vs Real Life 

27:08 First Time Courses 

27:34 Constructing Lineups 

27:50 Stacking With the Weather/Skill Sets 

31:12 Dealing with Ownership in Large GPPs 

34:11 Constructing 20 Lineups 

40:25 Overweight and Underweight 

42:49 Balanced vs Stars and Scrubs 

44:22 Ownership in Large Fields vs No Cut Events 

45:54 DK Tournament Selection 

 48:34 3-Max Entry Strategy 

49:45 Single Entry Strategy 

51:30 Process of Building Multiple Lineups 

53:35 Bad Habits/Biggest Mistakes DK Players Make 

55:38 Bankroll 

57:16 Cash Game Tips 

1:00:44 Quick Tips and Tricks

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