Russell Hantz unleashed! Season 35, bitter juries, and tricking production into revealing secrets!

Jan 04, 01:00 AM

On what may be our best episode of Survival of the Fairest with Jonny FairPlay yet, Jonny and Matt Koon talk to Survivor legend Russell Hantz about the psychology of bitter juries, idol hunting, tricking production staff into revealing idols and clues, and more in this peek behind the curtain! Matt also puts Russell in the hot seat about his controversial loss in Somoa: was he too cocky, did he underestimate social game, and did he do a "touchdown Dance" too often in front of jury members?  Also, his thoughts on season 35, as the always uncensored Russell meets his villainous match Jonny in an epic showdown!   All this in an unforgettable, informative, insightful and ultimately entertaining episode of Survival of the Fairest with Jonny Fairplay!