Solving the mystery of what came first? - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S21E02

Jan 05, 04:14 AM

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SpaceTime Series 21 Episode 02

 *Solving the mystery of what came first?

Astronomers may be a step closer to solving one of the greatest mysteries in astrophysics – which came first the galaxy – or the supermassive black hole at its centre. The problem is do galaxies form first from the accumulation of stars, globular clusters, and molecular gas and dust clouds -- with densities at the galactic centre eventually becoming so high it forms a black hole.

*Supermassive black hole stellar factory

Astronomers have discovered 11 newly formed infant protostars within three light years of the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Black holes generate powerful gravitational tidal forces and intense ultraviolet and X-ray radiation – environments far more conducive to destroying stars rather than creating them.

*Mars may not be as dry as it seems

A new study suggests water on Mars is being absorbed by the red planet’s rocks like a sponge. The findings reported in the journal Nature suggest that Martian basalt rocks can hold up to 25 percent more water than similar basalts on Earth.

*SpaceX to launch Falcon Heavy shortly

After more than 12 years of planning and development Space X is finally getting ready to fly its new Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. The 70-metre-tall reusable rocket is based around three Falcon 9 common booster core stages -- mounted side by side in a similar fashion to the Delta 4 heavy -- from which it will take the title as the world’s most powerful operational launch vehicle.

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