Conversation with Designer of Everyday Objects, Paul Sandip

Jan 10, 2018, 12:30 AM

Today I have Paul Sandip with us on Audiogyan. Paul is an international award winning product designer, alumni of (NID), Electrical Engineer and a Cartoonist. He has designed over 300+ iconic everyday objects in 121 product categories for clients across 14 countries. He is the Winner of Red Dot Award (twice!) and numerous international awards. In 2004 he created the Spherical Bulb Holder & Angular Multi-plug for GM Modular which became the most iconic best seller designs in India and have now become a standard for the entire electrical industry. And this was really a small introduction of a person who likes to call him designer of everyday objects. For more details you can visit

1. Massimo Vignelli quoted, “if you can design one thing you can design everything”; that being true, don’t you think if you cover the width, depth can fall short?

2. You have been referred as industrial sculptor in a lot of places. What is it? How is an industrial sculptor different from industrial designer? What is the line that separates these 2?

3. What is your process of defining your style? How do you ensure that any product you design has a definitely Paul Sandip style / statement?

4. “Once you start selling the “designer” and not the design, objects become expensive.” Can you explain what do you mean by that?

5. Your design of the spherical bulb Holders have become a standard in the electrical product industry. Can you tell our listeners how did the product you made, bring so much impact in the electrical products manufacturing industry?

6. How do you identity an opportunity for design intervention?