r/moraldilemmas, Logan Paul is a dummy, and OATS has been declared the word of 2018

Jan 08, 07:24 PM

Hey guys, it's 2018. As people who used to buy weed on the Internet in 2010 become bicoin bajillionaires overnight, and Ohio's finest boy Logan Paul goes on a ridiculous romp through Japan in the most Ohio way possible, we wanted to start the year off with a sub to help shed a light on the ethically ambiguous nature of modern America - r/moraldilemmas. So, is it more moral for Logan Paul to make a dang fool of himself in the suicide forest, embarrassing all white people in the process, or respectfully not post his weird suicide fetishization video, potentially not stopping some of his fans from taking their own lives in ignorance? Is it moral to push the fat man onto the tracks if you know if will save five people later down the line? What are the moral obligations of a centaur trying to get hot and spicy with a horse? Plus, we finally get our Patreon account up and running (you should contribute because there are some extremely exciting prizes), we declare OATS the official word of 2018 even though we're only a few days in, and we discover that a half-man half-porpoise hybrid would be called a "Poorperson", which is hilarious. What a way to start 2018 guys. This episode brought to you by TrueSwords.com and the San Diego Aquarium.