Episode #350: Year 13? Don't Rise

Jan 09, 05:13 AM
  • We recap our New Years in Chicago

  • Photos, Cards Against Humanity, bowling and more

  • A special guest joins us for our landmark 350th episode

  • Dumbledore gives his Top 14 New Years Resolutions To Make Hogwarts Safer

  • A few Fantastic Beasts stills were released during the holidays

  • Where's Dumbledore sitting? Who sent Newt that postcard? What's Grindelwald staring at?

  • Harry Potter Weekends on Freeform are no more as the series moves to HBO!

  • Now that they are all on demand, patrons share which movie they would watch first

  • JKR releases a statement on why she blocked a fan and the hosts have mixed reactions

  • Harry Potter: A History of Magic in NYC dates are announced

  • One listener shares a very interesting theory on the Chinese beast alluded to in Crimes of Grindelwald

  • Quizzitch