Episode #4x01: Nurse Maura

Jan 09, 2018, 08:17 PM
  • Welcome back! It's officially season 4. Time to jump the shark and disintegrate into a heap of failure.

  • Highlights from our break include a Rated R coffee mug, a tropical trip from hell, and an acute injury to one of our boyfriends. Merry Christmas.

  • New Year, New Laws: we take a look at some of this weird, but mostly pretty cool, state laws taking effect in 2018. (Suck it up, Oregon.)

  • YOU get a Super PAC! YOU get a Super PAC! YOU… can take a seat. Associate Producer's Choice asks us to dive into the Oprah for President trend.

  • Fire and Fury makes major waves as the retelling of an age-old story you might better know as, "The Emperor Has No Clothes." Surprise.

  • Why it's important to carefully support real, honest journalism right now, even if it means being critical of reporting you like.

And in season 4's first installment of After Dark:

  • Game: Guess what people got stuck up their assholes in 2017!

  • Literally. This isn't metaphor. There is an actual list of items people got caught in their hammies.

  • "You're still fat." New Years Resolutions suck. But we make them anyway.

  • Andrew becomes a motivational speaker.