Executing Plan B to See Bees. Threes Up. Transfer Goss - Bolton pre-match podcast from the pub

Jan 11, 06:50 AM

New Year. New Cheer. And the Beesotted crew have gone all adventurous in the New Year - abandoning the safe zone of West London to assemble to consume more beers within spitting distance of Smithfield meat market.

The Butcher’s Hook and Cleaver near Farringdon was the drinking spot was the characters discussed all sorts including the FA Cup defeat and whether fans should just not bother with the FA Cup any more if it's not taken seriously like it was back in the day.

Plus we ask have you ever changed your plans to make sure you don’t miss a super important Brentford match? We told tales of plans changed a plenty to ensure that we were able to see the Bees over the seasons including one un-named pannelist who avoided an encounter of 'activity' to see the Bees. Plus we read out fans’ examples of their change of plan to make sure they were there cheering on their team.

With the forthcoming Bolton match being given an 80s theme by the club - harking back to the days of players like Bobby Booker, Francis Joseph, Chris Kamara and Terry Evans, we dug onto our vaults and found a few clips from Beesotted socials featuring 80s players.

Plus we discuss activity in and around Brentford at the moment including transfer gossip and the forthcoming B-team tour of Ireland that Beesotted are seriously considering doing a live podcast from.

We also talk to Eddie Skelly (@EddieSkelly) from Bolton blog and podcast Lion of Vienna Suite and discuss the Bolton match.

In the pub

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Supes Marchant

Martin The Dutchman

0 min - Intro. Have you ever had to change your plans to ensure you attend a must-watch Brentford match?

15 min 53 sec - Fans in the pub after the Notts County game

22 min 45 sec - Beesotted crew chat Bolton FA Cup loss

50 min 20 sec - ex Brentford player Terry Evans recalls tales from the 80s

53 min 38 sec - Around the Hive - Beesotted crew discuss transfer gossip plus the forthcoming B-team tour of Ireland

1 hr 16 min 02 sec - ex Brentford player Gary Roberts recalls tales from the 80s

1 hr 19 min 41 sec - Interview with Eddie Skelly of Bolton blog Lion of Vienna Suite

1 h 46 min 26 sec - ex Brentford player Bobby Booker recalls tales from the 80s

1 hr 50 min 17 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Bolton

2 hr 02 min 34 sec - END

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