1/10/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 11, 02:33 AM

On Wednesday's Mark Levin show, Bob Corker not only bypassed the treaty provision of the Constitution but made it so that a supermajority of senators was required to overturn the Iran Deal. Now Corker is now trying with Ben Cardin to make the deal permanent with a new bill by pretending to fix the flaws of the deal. This bill would preserve the Iran Deal and would limit the ability of President Trump and future presidents to get out of it. If Trump listens to the appeasing members of his administration like Rex Tillerson, James Mattis, and HR McMaster, he will effectively be embracing the Iran Deal of Barack Obama. After that, William Alsup, a federal judge has ruled against Trump that he can’t remove DACA which was unconstitutionally enacted by Barack Obama. Once again the judiciary is trying to prevent Trump from carrying out his presidential duty. Later, Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review calls in to talk about DACA. Since when is national sovereignty and following the rule of law a right wing agenda? This used to be universal and even big government liberals understood that you have to put your own people first. Also, Lindsey Graham is saying those who are against DACA and support enforcing immigration law are outliers. It was not fabulous that Trump is saying he will sign anything sent to him who is now sounding more like Jeb Bush on immigration. Graham is so excited and can’t contain himself. He ought to try living in a community on the border and see how it is.