On the Road to Doha: The Legend of the Steele Dossier. Christopher Nixon Cox. @AndrewCMcCarthy @ThadMcCotter

Jan 11, 04:54 AM


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On the Road to Doha: The Legend of the Steele Dossier. Christopher Nixon Cox. @AndrewCMcCarthy @ThadMcCotter


Andrew C McCarthy, National Review, in re: We’re near the hundredth anniversary of the Zimmerman Telegram; one-year anniversary of the Steele dossier: govt went to FISA court to get permission to listen in on telephone conversations of American citizens. Both the FBI and Steele say that the dossier’s allegations are unproven. All done about six weeks before election day; thus used for potential spying purposes and oppo research in the campaign. It’s amazing —where’s the due process? Sounds like a Salem witch trail; all totally outside of the eye of the public; smear reputations without any due process. Till 1978, when FISA was passed, foreign intell was a unilateral Executive show; mostly collecting intell on foreign actors who posed a threat to the US. . . . Not always a lack of due process but sometimes governmental [malfeasance]. This situation is unprecedented; we've seen many abuses historically, but if you look at this as a sustained transaction going back to the Clinton-Trump campaigns of 2016 and follow it on, see how the govt bowed to give every consideration to the Clinton campaign; then fast fwd to tartgetting the Republican campaign on dodgy allegations: to me, that seems unprecedented in our history. Esp problematic when Fusion GPS and DFB corroborated each other even when FBI knew that Fusion GPS was hired by one of the campaigns. It was reluctantly that I came to these thoughts; initially, I thought it would be inconceivable for the FBI to present uncorroborated allegations to a court. It seems that that elemental process broke down. Have been asked, “What’d you do to verify?” — and they can’t seem to answer. How can we clear this up? Usually I’d say a new broom sweeps clean as new people come in; but that doesn't seem to have happened in this new Administration.

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DiFi “felt pressured” to release the document? Whom does that benefit? It's a miscalculation; doesn't {   } Russia-Trump communications. Seems more designed to promote Simpson’s narrative than get at the truth. Yes, but seemed to be shots against Bill Broward (Magnitsky Act). Any Republicans worried by the release? Don't think so.  It's a long affidavit they filed; release of 312 pages of documents by Glenn Simpson? Papadopoulos: Another instance where they can't get their stories straight — Simpson says that through Steele there was a source inside the Trump campaign that got in touch with the FBI, but now they’re walking away from that. Do the Russians still consider Carter Page to be an idiot? Maybe they think the whole country are idiots by now.

Is this FBI incompetence or real criminality? Won't know till they release all the info.

Glenn Simpson takes money from all sides; is he at risk for criminal charges? Didn't see anything incriminating.

  • How long before we see docs showing criminality or the lack of it from the Obama Adm? A week or two, I think.

-Let's hope that when the docs come out Trump can move on with his agenda? I think the dossier is only one chapter in this saga.

-The mid-term elections, and Mueller has indicted Manafort and Gates, so this is going to the middle of 2019.

-My guess is that Steele will avoid coming to the US.