On the Road to Doha: The Trump Administration and 355 Plus. Christopher Nixon Cox. @JerryHendrixII

Jan 11, 2018, 04:57 AM


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On the Road to Doha: The Trump Administration and 355 Plus. Christopher Nixon Cox. @JerryHendrixII

US foreign policy of strategic ambiguity; USN can bring pressure to bear from multiple angles and approaches, is the ideal tool for a president who understands the uses of coercive diplomacy. Pres Trump really enjoys creating the largest number of opportunities to get the strongest position before closing the deal. As a candidate, he called for a 350-ship Navy, and now for 355.   CHC: The Arctic- what's Pres Trump doing? Nuclear-powered subs with reinforced sails (the top, outside structure) and can surface through the ice; also new Coast Guard icebreakers. Potentially 20 ships (could be 50) of a new kind of frigate with hardened hulls to operate in frozen seas. Our allies - Canada and NATO – are in a very competitive position  JB: I want to praise Undersecretary Thomas Modly; when asked if he needs 355 ships, he said “355-plus” and the room broke into cheers. He’ll have four Asst Secretaries reporting to him, incl James F. Geurts [U.S. Special Operations Command acquisition executive, and assistant secretary of the Navy for research].   CNC: South China Sea and Taiwan? -- China made its outward expansion when it recognized weakness on the part of the Americans during the Obama Adm; now, we’ll have a [different policy].

JB: Workarounds [concerning the damage to the two Arleigh-Burkes]? Plan B is to be able to flex. We have 328 ships now, have four Arleigh-Burke class ships in Rota, Spain; also have ships in Japan, Australia, even Singapore. Also look at new force structure: new frigates are cheap; increase production in Virginia-class subs and do drydock of two [enormous ships] simultaneously.

China’s anti-access air denial investments; we can invest in our carrier air wing, whose range has decreased from 900 miles to 500 miles; also mission-tanking aircraft to extend ranges. Also invest in a new gen of Cruise missiles to be launched from our aircraft: if the plane can go 500 mi and the missile 1,000 . . . we need to invest in a new gen of land-attack missiles.