1/12/18-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jan 13, 02:30 AM

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, The purpose of immigration is to improve the country and the citizenry owns the country, not the bureaucrats, media or politicians. When it comes to Haiti, Venezuela, and Cuba we all know they are hell holes. We have people immigrating here trying to escape these places. Trump is right yet the Democrat Party assumes and presumes to represent minorities in this country. Democrats like Dick Durbin and others knew exactly what President Trump meant and are demonstrating a lot of sanctimony right now. If it is the official positon of the Democrat Party that our immigration policies should favor failed countries and failed cultures then they should campaign on it and say it. It used to be understood that the U.S. had the right to make decisions on immigration based on merit and need. Now immigration is out of our hands and we have been overtaken by radical egalitarianism. You are not ever allowed to speak of failed cultures or countries, otherwise you are accused of being a racist. Later, the American people are great but the government is less so. There is a mass bureaucracy that rejects the results of the election and is devouring the civil society. We make a huge mistake when we confuse country and society with the federal government. The trajectory is clear and we cannot rely on the federal government to undo what they are doing because they are doing what they want. Finally, a Republic is based on a culture that respects the Constitution and insists on its application. What are sanctuary cities and leftists judges, but an attack on the rule of law?