Episode 5: Fighting back after seven years of homelessness

Jan 21, 01:00 PM

In this episode of Humans of Chelmsford we are joined by KJ, a man who spent seven years of his life living on the streets.

KJ – which isn’t his real name as he has asked us to hide his identity – wound up homeless after his mental health problems took over his life.

It all stemmed from a severe accident at work and he soon lost everything he held dear.

He ended up sleeping in the open, wherever he could, and often wondered what on earth had happened to him.

To cope with the pain KJ turned to drink and drugs but he eventually reached a point where enough was enough and he reached out for help.

The charity CHESS Homeless – who are based in Chelmsford – were there to give KJ the support he needed.

It was far from easy but eventually KJ got himself out of his predicament, with the helping hand he received, and he is now on his way to getting his life back on track.

To find out more about CHESS Homeless, or to donate to the charity, visit their website here: http://www.chesshomeless.org/.

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