Thanksgiving Legendary Listener Guest Special 2017: Life in Japan & Pittsburg CA, What We're Thankful For In the NBA, Rated R Movies We're Thankful To See as Kids

Nov 20, 2017, 09:00 AM

Have a great holiday week, we've got our first Legendary Listener guest on this week for a casual chat about life abroad and Jackson's curiosity about Holmes as a teenager. Big shout out to Legendary Listener Kiandra! I hope y'all have even more fun listening than Jackson on Japan's wiki page or Holmes using anime music for transitions. If you want to be on the pod, just hit us up on twitter! If you enjoy the show let us know and if you're really thankful, drop a review and share with others! Follow us on Twitter: Holmes @holmesalone Jackson @jwthegogetter Burner Account: @lplpodcast